humm coconut lime

Coconut Lime Kombucha is a light and refreshing flavor from Humm Kombucha, one of the more exciting companies currently bursting onto the kombucha scene. Based in Bend, Oregon, the company has experienced significant growth in recent years. After picking up a case during a recent trip to Costco, I can definitely see why. Move over KeVita and GT, Humm is humming the right tune.

The Kombucha Review

While I typically enjoy store-bought kombucha straight from the bottle, I opted to use a glass tumbler for review and for the photo. It pours a beautiful golden straw color with just the right amount of carbonation (petillant).

The aroma is full of tropical and floral character. The coconut definitely shines through but the lime blends with other citrus notes. The first taste is intriguing to the point of surprise; there is a distinct texture that I immediately associate with the coconut. In fact, it’s almost slimy. Fortunately, my palette settles back down after a couple more sips and I find myself rather enjoying the unique mouthfeel, which dominates an otherwise well balanced tropical flavor profile. I find it a good sipping kombucha but if you prefer a more traditional brew, it may not land on your list of favorites.



The Label / Branding Review

I have to start by saying that the Humm‘s branding is a welcome departure from the borderline snake oil salesmanship that dominates the kombucha industry right now. For kombucha to go mainstream, the industry has to overcome this unfortunate aspect of its history and I’m glad to see Humm leading the way without totally ignoring the healthy and natural aspects of the beverage.

The label design is absolutely fantastic, simultaneously highlighting our connection to the natural world and the cycling of good energies and relationships throughout it. The imagery supports and complements the brief story of the company’s founding and goals–“to share this yummy refreshing drink…with the entire world”–without being too in-your-face about it.


The curved waves on the neck of the bottle reiterate the themes of life cycle, connectedness and living energy. Well done, Humm. Well done.


The only aspect of labeling/branding that I’m not in love with is actually the company name itself.


It’s not clear what they are trying to convey there. It’s unique enough to be memorable, which is good. But on the other hand, it’s more of a sound than a word, which makes it somewhat difficult to explain to friends. 50:50 there, I guess.

Overall, I gave Humm Coconut Lime Kombucha a 7.9 out of 10 points. Definitely worth a try if you come across it. Especially for less than $2.50 per bottle at Costco!

humm coconut lime

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