suja ginger

Suja Ginger is one of four kombucha’s currently produced by the Suja juice company. I recently reviewed another of the company’s products, Suja Berry, and wasn’t particularly impressed. I was hoping that this particular product would be more to my liking. After all, I hate to see bad products out there turning people off of kombucha. Sadly, Suja is now 0-2.

The Kombucha Review


This kombucha pours a cloudy, straw yellow color reminiscent of a good beer, but without the carbonation. Like their Berry product, this kombucha is completely flat with no detectable carbonation. I can pick up the spicy ginger notes immediately in the aroma.

The first taste isn’t at all what I expect based on the aroma. A lemon tartness hits first with a bland, weak ginger flavor coming in the middle of the sip and lasting to the finish. This makes some sense given that lemon juice is one of the main ingredients, but it does not match the labor or the aroma.

Unfortunately, the same thin mouthfeel and pulpy texture that was present in their Berry flavor is here as well. This, combined with the bland taste, made the kitchen drain the final resting place for this kombucha after I finished the necessary tasting sips.

The Label / Branding Review

sujaginger4The labeling and branding mirrors that of Suja’s other kombucha products, which I reviewed earlier. While I don’t like the pseudoscience references, the branding does a good job of of communicating the company’s ideals to their customers.

I have to strengthen my earlier objection to Suja’s hubris of claiming that they have the secret to “Making Great Kombucha” after just a short period of time on the market. On the contrary, this is one of the worst kombuchas I’ve ever tasted, homebrew or commercial. In fact, I’m not even sure that it can be properly called kombucha.

I gave Suja Ginger Kombucha 4.3 out of 10 points. Even that felt generous. But the color and aroma were acceptable and the branding is well thought out (even if it does score low on truthiness). I have one more Suja product in the fridge. Fingers crossed.

suja ginger


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